Ace+Rachel Wedding | San-Francisco, CA


Written by Duncan Reyes:
“Each and every time I plan a Wedding, I always remind all my Brides & Grooms that the only way we can make a success of your special day is to take care of it as though it was for my best friend’s wedding, and have fun with the planning process. Trust me … trust you … trust your Vendors. And that’s exactly what Rachel & Ace did. Not only were they the most remarkable couple I have ever met, they too have become very good friends. In fact, all the Wedding Vendors will agree with me when I say they are ‘Friends for Life’!
With the captivating view of the San Francisco skyline and city lights, embraced by the beauty of the Bay Bridge and the Golden Gate Bridge, along with the serenity of San Francisco Bay, they didn’t think twice and knew right away that Treasure Island would be the perfect venue for their Wedding Day. But with the unexpected news of the Bay Bridge’s closure due to repairs and the reopening of the Eastern span, they got worries and were hesitant of the thought of all the logistics involved in getting in and out of the island, and the inconvenience it would possibly cause to their guests. Having previously planned other Weddings during the bridge closure the last 3 years, I just had to work closely again with CalTrans officials and other bridge authorities to provide them access to and from San Francisco and Treasure Island so they can enjoy their Wedding. Relocating their Wedding venue nor changing their Wedding date simply was not an option – I just had to make it happen … and so I did. They were eventually granted access, and the Wedding celebration took off without a hitch, and far better than they all anticipated. To top it all off, our amazingly talented photographer Sasha, managed to capture a photo of them on the bridge, making it a sweet ending to what had been a memorable evening. It certainly was the very best Wedding ever that was nothing short of fabulous … just like Rachel & Ace!”

Wedding Planning & Event Design – Duncan Reyes & Alex Barranco
Audio Visual & Lighting Design -Gary V. Villegas
Rolls Royce Transportation – Carl Payne
Second Photographer – Alex Dzhumara

Wedding day started with preparation at W Hotel and St. Regis.

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Not every day you have a change to take photo at the empty bay Bridge. rachel-ace-wedding-treasure-island-sf-62