Anya and Misha Wedding :: Balti, Moldova

Anya and Misha are a gorgeous couple! They had a small but very intimate wedding in the largest Northern city in Moldova, Balti.Check out their photos below 🙂

Church ceremony:

Anyas reaction to Mishas joke 🙂

Then off for some portraits:

Anya is absolutely stunning, and was so photogenic! 🙂

A little bit of pr marketng for Dorna water…

The restaurant…

Misha put on a good performance, and single handedly, along with of course Anyas hidden presence make the entire room burst into tears with laughter…

Misha's sister is a very gifted singer also:

It was great to there for your wedding guys, look out for the slideshow below!

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  • Mr Quadosh

    on Dec 2, 2010  4:34 am

    This is an awesome piece of story telling Ross. You captured the emotions well. I'm sure the couple will love their album.

  • Katya Batalova

    on Dec 2, 2010  4:36 am

    thats is wonderfull Pictures Ross

  • Ani

    on Dec 2, 2010  7:59 am

    God, I love those two and their wedding:X