Shabnam+Sylvesters Wedding | Bodrum, Turkey.

It has been a while since I have blogged last. I shot 16 weddings last year, though my year focus was to improve my skills, and do less marketing and showcasing every photography event that I do so often. I really wanted to focus on my crafts, and which creative spheres to target to find a common balance. Why? Well, for those who do not know, photography was always my passionate hobby, and weekend job, whereas my regular occupation is running a small creative agency, which requires a lot of my time and resources.

Not so long ago, Sasha, my brother in law, challenged me to look through my work, as at times I feel my work always needs improvement, as this is in my nature. So I started, and initially looked through Shabnam & Sylvesters wedding in Bodrum…

It was a good initial wedding to start with. These guys are passionate, energetic, loving, caring, emotional and pretty much everything what makes you smile from ear to ear… we felt like family there, and not just a vendor covering the event. Sylvester himself is a photographer, which never makes it easy for a professional to try to impress the other, as many times you are wondering, will he like that, what will he think of that, does he do that better than me, and so forth… the complex is interesting, though in the end you try much harder.

The wedding took place in Bodrum. A small gathering of close family and friends from all over the world, USA, Poland, Iran, all found their way to this beautiful location at Casa Dell’Arte. They had set out an amazing plan for all of their guests from the first evening get-together, the wedding day, to the day after-party on a yacht (one of the most fun experiences to date). With many weddings, an atmosphere is sometimes missing, while there the entire time, we just felt electric – when our feet hurt, and we were exhausted from the heat, we just kept going, as the energy was flowing…

Guys, I just wanted to thank you for having us, and for choosing us. You both are amazing, and have been a great example to show what a true amazing destination wedding involved. I hope you enjoy reliving those moments.

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