I had the privilege to photograph Jesus and Leora's wedding, it truly was beautiful just like both of them inside and out. I want to thank you for allowing me this opportunity to share with you the fun and love, of capturing your days special moments.I hope you both love these photos as much as I had the pleasure of taking them, you both rocked! I wish you both every happiness together for your new marriage.
























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  • ross

    on Sep 23, 2009  11:39 am

    Nice work bro! Lots of energy!

  • Iura

    on Sep 23, 2009  3:10 pm

    very nice

  • Emik

    on Oct 1, 2009  7:08 am

    Great post! full of life...

  • daniel kudish

    on Oct 4, 2009  8:09 am

    holy crap, the 1st photo of the guy being thrown in the air is phenomenal. really really kick-ass!!

  • ben chrisman

    on Oct 7, 2009  1:47 am

    that is one amazing photo of the groom being thrown in the air. unreal.