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  • Maya

    on Mar 4, 2010  7:43 am

    SASHA!!!! Pictures look Fabulous!! you did an AMAZING job!!!!! Thank you so much for doing the shoot me!!!!

  • Camilla Photography

    on Mar 6, 2010  5:31 am

    Gorgeous photos!
    I have a 1 year old daughter named Maya. She has blue eyes and dark brown hair too. Thinking she'll look like this Maya. Lucky girls!

  • zerga

    on Mar 7, 2010  8:03 am

    This one I like Sasha. Great job you did. And cute the model is....

  • Jay

    on Mar 24, 2010  8:50 am

    This session rocks! Simple and clean. Love the 4th picture down the way the trees add such a mood. Great job!!!!