Nick and Alina :: Married :: Chisinau, Moldova


What do you get when you add a beautiful couple, romantic restaurant, candles, lots of roses, mime artists, magicians, men in black, awesome musicians and djs, and 60 of your closest friends?

The Answer – One of the most inspiring weddings one can attend.


When Nick and Alina contacted me for their wedding, and told me they planned to have a small intimate wedding with only their closest friends and family, and shared their ideas – I knew this was a wedding I would truly enjoy not only to photograph but to simply be present.

This is a LONG POST 🙂 but the awesomeness of this wedding was too hot to hold back on, so make yourself comfortable 🙂


Restaurant: Jazz Cafe

Hair and Makeup: Lesya Tanner


Decorations and Cake: You+We Events

Videography: Sweet 

Here comes the photos, first off with their rings:


The girls watching Alina getting ready:

Nick came to pick up the bride bearing tasty gifts 🙂

Off to the civil service zags:

After the civil service we went to a local park to take family photos and then start the portrait session, followed by visiting a small beautiful hotel and malldova shopping center:

Yes he wanted to throw his cigar at me 🙁

No beds where destroyed in this photos 😀

We found this yellow wall near where we were taking photos and couldnt resist!

1 thing to remember – dresses always get dirty on a wedding day! 🙂

The restaurant was gorgeous, it was cozy, romantic and full of energy:

First dance:

Yeah the boys team lost!

We boogied into the early hours of the morning:

And had some flying lessons:

and music:

Before throwing the bouquet:

and cutting the cake 🙂 (it was very tasty also!)

Here is Alina and Nick’s wedding slideshow: I hope you like!

And a short little video testimonial made by vanya! And yes we made nicknames during the wedding! strange i know!

Untitled from Ivan on Vimeo.

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  • Kristen Weaver

    on Sep 1, 2009  10:03 pm

    What a stunningly romantic wedding! Gorgeous photos :) and what an experience!

  • Louis Palos

    on Sep 1, 2009  10:10 pm

    Great work! That first dance shot with the bubbles is awesome!

  • Corinna Hoffman

    on Sep 1, 2009  10:28 pm

    Loving the detail shots, the yellow wall and all the other creative shots!! Great work :)

  • Beth Morgan

    on Sep 1, 2009  11:20 pm

    UM...LOVE! What a great couple. Wish I had snagged some of those shots :).

  • Nika

    on Sep 2, 2009  11:22 am

    Great job as always , Ross! Beautiful pictures!

  • Alina and Nick

    on Sep 2, 2009  3:42 pm

    It was you who made our wedding so beautiful! Ross' smile and fun, Lesya's work that admired everybody! These amazing pictures will always bring us back to this day to live it over and over again! We are happy to meet you, we are happy you were with us, we are happy you made this Magic for us!

  • Chelsey

    on Sep 3, 2009  12:29 am

    Love it! Longest post ever ... but that's okay ;) when it's this good. You can feel the fun!

  • Chelsey

    on Sep 8, 2009  2:26 am

    Love it! Longest post ever ... but that's okay ;) when it's this good. You can feel the fun!

  • Yana

    on Sep 9, 2009  6:40 pm

    amazing couple, amazing place, amazing work!

  • Dmitry

    on Oct 15, 2009  3:22 pm

    Cool photos and a giant work. And amazing couple ;) I wish you both to be really happy couple :)

  • NIck

    on Feb 14, 2010  2:52 am

    14th of Feb 2010 and all the memories are so clear as if it was yesterday. Ross, Lesya you are fantastic magicians.

  • Nick

    on Jul 12, 2010  7:03 pm

    No Igor, I'm not drunk, I just tired, cause it was about 3-4 :00 a.m.

  • Vlada

    on Oct 9, 2010  9:29 pm

    I think the groom looks very good in the pictures, he looks very relaxed and confident. Obviously, he trusts the photographer. The bride looks too uptight though :(
    I think it's very difficult to photograph Moldovan weddings, mostly because of the "uptightness". The emotions seem lifeless, almost as if not there... I blame it on the (post-)sovietic mindset...