Tyler & Sheree Couple Session – Kalamazoo, MI

These are 2 cool kids from the block… Tyler & Sheree are still newlyweds and both are creatively amazing. I met Tyler while coming to their church to do an onsite interactive community project which during the week, we all had a blast. On our last evening in the awesome Kalamazoo, which took me several days to remember how to say it 🙂 The lovely Ashley Porter who is a stellar photographer also works with Tyler in the media group offered to share her camera gear, so a photo shoot for fun was born!

It was the first ever shoot I have done on canon 7d, and a 50 1.4 which was awesome, to be completely limited with gear and to use a camera I have never shot with before. All in all we had a blast! Here are the shots!

Thanks guys, this was a highlight of the trip! plus multiple incredibly coffee shops you took us to 🙂


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