Vera and Serghei Wedding :: Chisinau, Moldova

Not only was this a smoking hot wedding, but it was my first wedding with you+we.

Vera and Serghei's wedding was probably one of the most enjoyable weddings I have had the possibility and privilege to photograph. The day was jam packed full of love, fun, laughter, excitement and energy. Qualities that make any wedding fantastic. I felt like a family member there, rather than a photographer, and i cannot say how good this makes you feel, especially to capture such a beautifully stunning couple and their love together! it was really hot! Check out the photos below!





Night portrait session in LeoGrand:

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  • kegfire

    on Mar 19, 2010  11:59 am

    very nice , roman! congratulations!!!

  • Mark

    on Mar 20, 2010  2:47 am

    Great photos, Roman!

  • AnnaS

    on Apr 9, 2010  5:48 pm

    Absolutely stunning shots!!! Looks like every shot was art directed and those guys are professional models :) But all emotions are so natural! Thank you your pictures are very inspiring!!!

  • Michael Movsyesov

    on Apr 13, 2010  6:29 am

    These images are outside of this world. Really love the 5th one down on the right. Beautiful lighting. Very dramatic.

  • innessa photography

    on Apr 27, 2010  11:35 am

    Love all the images, i wish to do photo session with you one day. =)