Vova + Irina Wedding | Chateau Vartely


Vova & Irina are dear friends of ours, and it was an honor to be a part of their wedding day. Irina is part of you+we events, and vova works with me at our design firm, flosites. It was awesome to see 2 close friends tie the knot, and in style!

The decoration post from their wedding will blow you away with how beautiful it was!

Here are the shots!

Irina_Vova_Wedding Irina_Vova_Wedding-3 Irina_Vova_Wedding-7 Irina_Vova_Wedding-9 Irina_Vova_Wedding-13 Irina_Vova_Wedding-76 Irina_Vova_Wedding-20 Irina_Vova_Wedding-22 Irina_Vova_Wedding-23 Irina_Vova_Wedding-37 Irina_Vova_Wedding-40 Irina_Vova_Wedding-41 Irina_Vova_Wedding-46 Irina_Vova_Wedding-49 Irina_Vova_Wedding-52 Irina_Vova_Wedding-54 Irina_Vova_Wedding-57 Irina_Vova_Wedding-58 Irina_Vova_Wedding-59 Irina_Vova_Wedding-60 Irina_Vova_Wedding-68 Irina_Vova_Wedding-69 Irina_Vova_Wedding-71 Irina_Vova_Wedding-73 Irina_Vova_Wedding-77 Irina_Vova_Wedding-75
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  • Tom deBruyn

    on Jul 10, 2012  4:17 pm

    These photos are stunning! Way to go you guys!