Alex+Inna :: Married :: Sacramento, CA

Jan 24, 2012

I remember back in July when Alex wrote me an email saying: "Hey Sasha, I'm sitting here in Europe and talking to my fiancé and trying figure everything out. So tell me. If one wants to hire you+we photography for the wedding. What would the charges be? :)" 2 month later we were sitting in the Starbucks discussing upcoming wedding day.
I knew Alex for quite a while, and he is a good friend of mine, yet the first time I met Inna was when we went to take couple of photos for their engagement. And these guys are just perfect for each other. I didn't even need to tell them what to do or how to pose, as their warmth and genuineness was there in every single photo.
The wedding day came; it was a lot of fun. Alex and Inna decided to get some photos on the top of the parking lot, yet it wasn't enough for them to get on the top, they decided to climb on the very corner of it and scare the heck out of me, yet you can judge by the photos, it was worth it 🙂
Ceremony took place in a gorgeous church in downtown Sacramento, and reception followed in beautiful Citrus Heights community Center. It was a big wedding, as family and friends came from all over US to celebrate Alex and Inna's special day.
Here are some of my favorite images from the wedding: