Anna's a great friend of ours, and since it was her birthday not long ago I decided to make her a little present 🙂 Anna's always a lot of fun to be around, and this was noe exception. We met up in the center, and it was getting pretty late, and the weather was pretty windy, and we walked a little and decided where we wanted to go. Usually I have small scouting missions to check and look for new places or something to suit the person/couple I photograph, but sadly I didn't have time this time, but we decided to head back to Anna's house, she got completely rekitted up in clothes for the shoot, and we went to a vineyard not far from her house. The nice guards let us in for one condition. A photo with their bright blue car 🙂

Anyway here are the photos from the shoot 🙂 






A short series:


Anna on a sprint



We got Anna into the tree…

And I thought it appropriate also to get a different angle 🙂




 Thanks Anna and Adrian for helping. 🙂