Honestly, I don't know where even start. Bride, groom, bridal party, location, atmosphere…everything was just perfect. I felt so lucky just to be at the wedding, not even mentioning that I had  privilege to capture moments of the most important day in Ben and Nadia's life. I am not sure if I have another opportunity to be part of similar wedding, when groom with his friends would go to swim and to tan on the wedding day. Or where everybody get soaking wet during the ceremony, because of the rain and Florida weather. Or where bride and groom and the whole bridal party would go to the pub to get some drinks after reception is over. What I can say…It was an amazing wedding and even more amazing couple!

Nadia received her wedding dress 5 hours before the ceremony

Groom and his friend decided to go to swim and to ten before the ceremony

And the rain started

At the Irish Pub

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