This last 2 weeks has been filled with photography, and some very exciting news 🙂

Firstly, I want to congratulate Nadya and Sergey on their wedding, which was live on tv, which both myself and Sasha had the privilege to photograph. During a pause in the wedding, I had my first 5-10 minutes on live television for an interview on our wedding photography internationally and in Moldova. 🙂 Here is a snap Sasha got of me whilst speaking to the presenters 🙂

…and I'm pleased to announce that I've had my work from Ghena and Lucia's wedding published in Nunta Magazine. It is my first time being published in a Moldovan magazine, and whilst so many other photographer friends get their weddings published also, its always an honor that when you photograph a wedding that is very special to you is published, it is an amazing feeling, so thank you to Nunta 🙂 

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