It's been several months in the making, with over 4 different conceptual designs, and finally we have the finished product 🙂

You will find that we have incorporated more of a blog-site, with the new about page info, and info drop downs with faqs for weddings, portraits and engagements, plus some other important stuff. You will also notice that the layout is slightly different, we changed the standard vertical blog to just show the titles and when you click the title it will open up and you can read your post, now you can get to your chosen post much quicker!

Also one thing that I have been very excited about was getting a Russian version of the blog, which will be launched very soon, i promise 🙂 

So I hope you enjoy the new YOU+WE BLOG HOME, and that you take a good look around, as we will be updating it very often 🙂 as well as stopping by our NEW portfolio site, where you can see our portfolio works.

I have got to thank my work colleagues, Roman, Yura, Victor and Dorin at Flosites for all individually helping in their small ways to making this possible, for the new site, blog and contract pricelist system for clients. Flosites are giving you+we viewers a discount to sign up for a new blog :: simply click here to inquire :: 🙂 So hurry to not miss the offer 🙂

We hope you enjoy the Blog! Let us know your thoughts!