I got a few goodies recently which Im kinda very excited about 🙂 they are small but they are a great start to learning. A fellow photographer and friend Zack Arias recently launched a new dvd about studio lighting from his popular Onelight Workshop seminars. He was kind enough to send me a complimentary copy for working on their new site, out to Moldova and as soon as it got through the door I was planning a few hours to sit down and soak it up – little did I know I'd end up wanting to buy alot from watching it 🙂 Fortunate enough a friend was coming to a wedding I just photographed on sunday and brought me a few items to play with, one being a new 85mm 1.2 – and boy its HOT 🙂 its converting me from a zoom to a prime user, I found it hard to take the thing off at the last wedding it was so good! its a little slowon motion but the quality and colors when it hits the target cant be beaten. Anyhow… back to the lighting 🙂 The next day after getting the new equipment, I went to take photos of my wife Lesya in our second floor of the house which is nearly done but as it was completely white from just getting plastered and painted it made an ideal temperary first time playing ground. Here are just a few of the best fevorite shots from the 30 minute run down session, I didnt realise how quickly my flash would consume the batteries so sadly the session was cut short 🙁 so we took a few photos outside also 🙂