Natalia and Igor Rock! Honestly and truly, their love for each other is completely genuine and it makes it a pleasure to be around them! We had a great Esession together, and I cant wait for their wedding late this year in September!

Even though we lost 3 balloons, we still made do with what 3 left we had 🙂

Getting funky!

Natalia took a moment to give away her beloved balloons!

Only to replace them with Cotton Candy…

We decided to make some shapes 🙂

Before we got down to business and serious…

I loved this red wall…

don't ask…. 🙂

We stayed for 3 minutes here before the security kicked us off 😀

And what is an Engagement session without bubbles?

Thanks again guys! It was loads of fun! Enjoy the shots, especially the one below 🙂