Ilya+Victoria :: Married :: Las-Vegas, NV

Nov 1, 2011

It all started when I got e-mail from Ilya about 5 month ago saying that him and Victoria are planning to fly all the way from Vladivostok, Russia to get married in Las Vegas. I called him the same day around 2 am due to the different time zones, and 15 minutes into the conersation I knew that it will be an amazing wedding. And it was indeed! 

Even though we spent only 3 days together, I can honestly say that they are my good friends. And it was a big privilidge to photograph their wedding day. We combined it with In-n-out for lunch, crazy shooting in the evening, and club and drinks instead of reception. It was a special wedding for me. Not only because it was the first wedding I photograph when there were only a bride and a groom, but also, because I was the one signing the wedding certificate as a witness. 
Next day after the wedding, we decided to take a road trip to the sunny coast of California. Even though it wasn't sunny that day, yet we had a lot of fun and just had good time taking photos. 
Also, wanted to say thank you to my friend Igor, who was my assistant and a drive for the whole trip. 

Here are some of my favorite photos from the wedding day. I hope you enjoy. 


























Laguna Beach:








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