Irina + Vitea | Married

Oct 19, 2008

A friend phtographer called me and asked me about coming to a weddng with him to photograph for the ceremony and throughout, usually i like to go and photograph in the morning of the groom and bride preparing for the wedding day, and it also helps as usually it breaks the ice much easier with the couple as they are always nervous somewhat and while im there they have 100 things running through their heads before the wedding, so it lets me work into the scenery and become invisible, however when you dont get that little pre started it can be alittle more difficult especially when you don;t know the couple – it was like a blind meeting 🙂 I was really nervous to see the couple, their characters, how they are together, the connection, as every couple are different. They arrived in one of the most classic beautiful looking cars I have seen in a long time as you will see in the photos. Vitea went to open the door for irina, and as she came out she just shined, literally. These 2 were amazing, they where tonnes of fun and energy throughout the whole day. It was also great to shoot with some good friends and videographers who were great throughout the whole day.

Here are some favorites from the wedding day, thanks again to you both for the wonderful day 🙂

After the first Ceremony

Church Ceremony:


Theres nothing like a party:

Cutting the Cake: