Josh & Steph :: You+We Session :: London, England

Mar 22, 2009

After Floshops, I had a few days in London, which led to this awesome shoot with Josh and Steph. Josh has the privilege to work with my big brother, Leon from previous posts! 🙂

We both met up at Costa (the british starbucks) at Waterloo station in South bank London, and then just started walking! The awesome thing about London is that you can simply just start anywhere and justtake photos, every corner, every street has something unique and grabs your attention to shoot.

I tried to insert several new tips from the workshop I had attended to mix up how I normally shoot, it was slightly different as I usually interact with my clients much more, but Steph and Josh made up for that anywats so hard to be attentive when theres so much ahppening around you in London, you just want to run and try so many different things, to shoot through things, use reflections, items for space fillers – everything I could fit my fat 85mm around.

Josh and Steph really where both an amazing couple, I loved working with them, and they were so kind to treating me to a wickedly good beef kebab in by far the best outside food market I have been to. Thanks again guys, hope you enjoy the photos.

getting brownies…

Thanks again guys for the great time!