Day 1 of the London Floshops experience, whilst I came a few days earlier to plan for the workshop, I have a few days to spend with my brother here which is awesome, after not seeing him for nearly 2 years since our wedding. I can say that its great to see London again, it truly lives up to its reputation as an inspirational city, one of all types of people, cultures, yummy food and especially exciting places luring everywhere to photograph.

Yesterday after work, I went in to Leicester Square to meet my brother to go explore the most popular sightseeing places in London at night – namely Westminister, and the London Eye. It was an awesome 2 hours, We used a canon 40d with a 24-70 L, and 70-200 L f2.8 lense, and a canon 5d, with a 85 1.2 lense. I can say though that there is a huge difference between the 2 classes of lenses, whilst every lense has its sweet and benefit spots, the 85 excelled at night, even though its a slow lense.

Here are the photos, I hope you enjoy them as much as we did taking them!

To Start, a photo of each of me and Leon, my brother.

Leicester square& Trafalgar Square:

See the resemblence? 🙂

On the way to the embarkment and Westminister:

A ypical subway/metro entrance:


When you got to Westmnister, thats where you start to see all the tourists with all of their cameras and on tripods!, camera phones,camcorders.

me taking some abstract photos and London Eye:

A Thames view of the Big Ben and Parliament:

Why London is a place for Artists, and they even called the 5d a “magic camera” 🙂

Looking towards St Pauls Cathedral:

Sadly we ran out of time to explore more, so we had to get back to to meet Leon's beautiful Gi
rlfriend – Su, here's a quick photo I took of them:

More to come soon…. 🙂