Meet Roman! Our New Associate Photographer!

Mar 11, 2010

First off, we really want to thank everyone for their support for our work, and allowing us to grow to provide better work, a better service and allowing us to have creative freedom at every event we photograph – we just want to thank you. As a lot of people know, I myself (Ross) photograph in Moldova, and my brother in law Sasha in (California, USA). We both have different areas that we are stronger in, and have our own different styles – together we compliment where we are stronger and weaker, and thats what makes us a great team – but with anyone who is specialized its important to know you aren't a superman, and know that to achieve in areas that you would like to, it takes more than just one. 


This is where we are proud to introduce Roman. I have been working with Roman for a long time, and we have photographed several weddings together, and many other types of shoots – and as two professionals work together they learn from each other, adopting new ways of how one another photograph and see things – although 2 people will never see the same thing, borrowing styles is something that we have accomplished. Over time Roman has developed a style that we would call our own for you+we and are confident to have him as our new associate photographer to accept new wedding clients. You will still receive our service, and our style in photography, but just be greeted by a friendly, smiling shaved Roman – Don't let his serious photo below fool you 🙂 



Here are some of Roman's photos from weddings! He is pretty awesome! If you would like to find out more information send us an email