Michael+Anya :: Married :: Denver, CO

Apr 4, 2011

 Honestly, I don't know where even to start. Bride, groom, bridal party, location, atmosphere…everything was just amazing. I felt so lucky just to be at the wedding, not even mentioning that I had privilege to capture moments of the most important day in Michael's and Anya's life.These guys were a bundle of fun to work with, with so much laughter, smiles, and positive energy on their wedding day, it created an amazing atmosphere to work in.
What I can say…It was an amazing wedding and even more amazing couple!
I also wanted to say thank you to a good friend and fellow photographer – Mikhail Glabets, who helped me shoot this wedding along with another photographer Gina (whom I still owe a dance).



















Mikhail's creativity:
















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Nice set man! I love those off-camera flash shots.

Nice work Sasha. Love the dancing shots!

Love it Sasha! Can't wait till you photograph my sister's wedding.

AAAAAh. wow!!!. again, you guys totally delivered the kool stuff!!!.. amazing. !!
It was awesome to have worked along side of you two, it was actually what i've been waiting for- for a while.. lol. so thank you for the tips and tricks…
But- i will have to charge you for the salsa lessons though, and YES u do owe me a dance. hahaha 😉

Dude sick shots Sasha!! Mikhails' in the wrong industry. His films are epic haha