Odessa, Ukraine :: Lucia + Ghena :: Long Post Warning!!

Jul 31, 2009

2 weeks ago I had a pretty busy crazy weekend, after finishing a wedding, a few hours later I hopped in the car with 2 awesome couples to hit up a full day photoshoot in Odessa.

After spending a drooling 4 hours at customs we finally got through into the Ukraine, and set off towards the black sea for some initial morning photos at the beach. Sadly the beach was slammed by nearly half of the Ukraine 🙂 Thankfully we did find a tiny little spot where I took some snaps of the couples around 9 am.



After the beach, and getting our jeans covered in sand, we left for Odessa 🙂 After indulging in some top sandwich I went off with the gorgeous Cristina and Vitalii, whilst Ghena and Lucia took a needed nap in the car. upon arrival we met Ghena all geared up for their turn 🙂

Lucia also modelled the numerous water bottles we consumed that day – it was ALOT!




Lucia couldnt resist:


Making the underground and phone booths hot:


Sometimes cars work so good in photos 🙂



A nice policeman let us borrow his bike 🙂


Before we left, there was no point to leave Odessa without visiting the port, its like visiting Paris and not seeing the Eiffel Tower 🙂


Thanks for the great day guys, it was awesome!