Paul and Yulia :: Wedding :: Odessa, Ukraine

Sep 4, 2009

Paul and Yulia's wedding was one of the most beautiful weddings I have had the privilege to photograph. The wedding took place in the old port town of Odessa, in the south of the Ukraine residing on the black sea. It was great to work with so many other photographers also, especially Slavik. 

Paul and Yulia are a beautiful couple, and every small detail and interaction with each other showed that. The day was one that I will not forget for a long time, thank you to you both for having me.

Here are the photos, and at the end a slideshow:


i have to admit, I am not a big fan of cars, but the selection of cars for the wedding where first class 🙂

Arriving to church:

There has to be a huge thank you given to the bridal party, who where amazing throughtout the whole day making sure everything was going to plan.

After church, we went straight to the zags/registrar, and got a quick photo of everyone fixing themselves 🙂

Yulia then became a city walking bride, as we left the registrar for the Mayor's.

And some portraits:

And some creep-ing-ly good fun:

It was then time to go to the restaurant where 400 guests where waiting…

This car was the bomb 🙂

The restaurant was on a beach overlook, with a tent over, and a long set of stairs down to the entrance, which only made it more beautiful:

During the reception, there were many special guests, and s
ingers performing:

This artist, remade a picture of Paul and Yulia – a very talented man!

Raising the flag:

Sisterly Love:

Some speeches:

The Cake:

An amazing firework display over the beach piers:

And the final prayer:

Thank you once again for the opportunity, here is your wedding slideshow:

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