Radu + Luminita = A Very Cool Couple! Their wedding day rocked, and what made it even cooler was that the God Parent's Irina + Igor where also a newly-wedded couple I had the pleasure of photographing, which you can see shortlyin the next wedding post we will make 🙂 Radu and Luminita's wedding was in the popular Sala De Aur restaurant in Chisinau. Check out their wedding day below!

Luminitsa was beautiful!

Girls just want to have fun!

Radu came to pick up the bride 🙂

But had a few problems… 🙂

Some portraits:

Before the church ceremony:

And then the party began 🙂

These guys knew how to boogie!

And there was even girl vs guy karaoke contest.

which honestly with Igors help above, the guys clearly won 🙂

Radu got the room all steamy!

You guys rocked, thank you for having us at your wedding 🙂 The slideshows coming up next, but here was a photo with the awesome couple 🙂